Message From the Church

“The Most High knows everything that can be known
and understands the signs of the ages. He knows all that has ever been and all that ever will be; he uncovers the deepest of mysteries. He takes notice of our every thought and hears our every word.The orderly world shows the greatness of his wisdom; he is the same forever and ever. Nothing can be added to him, and nothing taken away; he needs no one to give him advice. All his works are beautiful, down to the smallest and faintest spark of light.” (Sir. 42:18-22)

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

By St Basil the Great

O Existing One, Master Lord, God, almighty and adorable Father: It is truly meet and right and befitting the majesty of Thy holiness that we should praise Thee, hymn Thee, bless Thee, worship Thee, give thanks unto Thee and glorify Thee, the only truly existing God, and offer unto Thee with contrite heart and spirit of humility this our rational worship; for Thou art He that hath graciously bestowed upon us the knowledge of Thy truth. … Read More